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Angle Utility Trailers For Sale in Alabama

VV Trailers comes with the highest quality trailers. You don't find high quality built trailers like that. Read below the specification (for example: c channel, 2"x2" side post and side rails). With our single axle utility trailers you get high quality pressure treated floor screwed down into metal plate below. You also have a mesh flooring in Alabama, but mesh flooring has limited usage. We recommend wood flooring whih can be used for multiple purposes. It is heavier, stronger and more stable than mesh. Choose wood flooring on your trailer to haul your ATV, gator, motorbike or landscape equipment. We make only the best quality utility trailers:

Utility Trailer Specifications

  • "A" frame
  • 3"x2" angle iron on the bottom
  • 2"x 2" top rail and side posts
  • 3500 lb axles with E-Z lube bearings
  • Treated wood floor
  • Side height 1'
  • 4-way flat electrical plug
  • 2" coupler with safety chain
  • 1" X 1" 4' tubing gate braces 14" apart
  • Tires 205-75-15
  • Insulated wiring harness
  • Jack