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Now you can buy a new enclosed trailer for less that what most of us pay for used enclosed trailers. Check our low prices and save your money without expensive trailer rental. VV Trailers has a great selection at any cargo trailers you might ever need.  We sell utility trailers for less. 

About enclosed trailer specifications

Enclosed utility trailers are available with single or tandem axles. The smallest single axle cargo trailer is 5'x8', the largest size is 6'x12'. Tandem axle cargo trailer start at 77"x12' and go to 102"x30'. Enclosed trailers are more expensive than utility trailers but customers usually use them for longer distance hauling. Your bike, atv or tools can be safe because you can lock your load. 


  • "V" nose/flat nose
  • 3500 lb per axle or 5,200 lb per axle
  • 205-75-15 tires
  • Ramp door
  • Side door
  • 24" stone guard
  • Interior light
  • Vent
  • 3/4" plywood on floor
  • 3/8" plywood on walls
  • Height inside -  5' or 5' 6" or 6' or 6' 6"(Extra height available)
  • Brakes on both axles (Only tandem axle)
  • Breakaway System (Only tandem axle)
  • Jack


There are many options available with our  cargo trailers. If you don't see what you need, call us (205) 664-2557, we will custom build your trailer.

Choosing the correct enclosed trailer

At VV Trailers, we want to be sure that you purchase the trailer that will meet your needs. There are many things to consider.

Figure your needs

There are many questions which you should ask before you purchasing a new enclosed trailer. Look at the questions below.  Use your answers to pick the best size trailer for you.

What size of cargo trailer do you need? 

Which width is the best for you -- 5’, 6’, 7', 8' or 8' 1/2" ? 

Think about the width of what you will be hauling and the ease of maneuvering it in the trailer.

Which length is the best for you -- 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’… 30’?  
Besides the length of things you might be hauling, what length will you be comfortable maneuvering?

What payload capacity do you need? 
Although the minimum load capacity is 3500 pounds per axle that is not the payload capacity. The actual weight of the trailer must be factored. Overloading your trailer can be dangerous and detrimental to the trailer.

What kind of side panels best suit your needs?   
Do you need a flat trailer with no sides, 1’ height sides, 2’ height sides, higher?

What kind of metal material for the sides - mesh or solid?

What kind of vehicle will you use to haul your trailer? 
Truck, SUV, Van or midsize sedan? Each vehicle has a specific towing capacity. That information can be found in the owner’s manual. There might be other information in the manual about mounting the hitch or how hauling might affect your warranty.  Ex.-Most hybrid cars don’t allow any trailer hauling.

Where will you store your trailer?
How large of a protected area do you have for storage? Remember, your trailer is an investment. Sun, moisture and wind are not good for any kind of trailer. Your trailer is worth protecting from the elements to ensure long usability or to retain value for reselling in the future.   

We proudly serve to Birmingham Alabama, Huntsville Alabama, Tuscallosa Alabama, Montgomery Alabama, Auburn Alabama and Mobile Alabama. No matter where you live in Alabama, it is worthy to drive to the Alabaster,Al.  You will save your money. Call Jerry, (205) 664-2557!