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Now you can buy a new equipment trailer for less that what most of us pay for used equipment trailers in Alabama. Check our low prices and save your money without expensive trailer rental. VV Trailers has a great selection at any flatbad trailers you might ever need.  We sell equipment trailers for less. Call Jerry, (205) 664-2557!


  • Equipment trailers straight from manufacturer
  • No middle man
  • No overhead

About Equipment trailers

Tandem axle equipment trailers are built for heavy duty hauling. They are built much stronger than regular utility trailers with tandem axle.  Equipment trailers can be seen every day on the road hauling bobcats, tractors or backhoes. We provide equipment trailers 83" width and 16' or 18' or 20' length. We also have Gooseneck connection option for $600 or “deckover”  connection for $500.


  • Main Frame "C" channel
  • Treated wood floor
  • 3,500 or 5,200 or 6,000 or 7,000 lb per axle,
  • E-Z Lube hubs
  • 7-way plug
  • 2 5/6" coupler with safety chain
  • Fold up ramps
  • Radial tires
  • Adjustable hitch
  • Stake pockets
  • Brakes on both axles (not available for 3,500 and 5,200 lb per axle)
  • Brake away (not available for 3,500 and 5,200 lb per axle)
  • 2' Dove tail
  • 7-K Jack
  • Add Gooseneck to equipment trailer $600 (not available for 3,500 and 5,200 lb per axle)
  • Add Deckover to equipment trailer $500 (not available for3,500 and 5,200 lb per axle)


There are many options available with our trailers. For example, you can add Gooseneck to equipment trailer for $600 or flat bad for $500. If you don't see what you need, call us (205) 664-2557, we will custom build your trailer.

Choosing the correct flat bed trailers

At VV trailers, we want to be sure that you purchase the trailer that will meet your needs. There are many things to consider. 

Figure your needs

There are many questions which you should ask before you purchasing a new utility trailer. Look at the questions below.  Use your answers to pick the best size trailer for you.

Which width is the best for you?

4’, 5’, 6’, 6'5" or 6'11”?

Think about the width of what you will be hauling and the ease of maneuvering it on the trailer.

We proudly serve to Birmingham Alabama, Huntsville Alabama, Tuscallosa Alabama, Montgomery Alabama, Auburn Alabama and Mobile Alabama. No matter where you live in Alabama, it is worthy to drive to the Alabaster, Al.  You will save your money. Call Jerry (205) 664-2557!

We offer the following trailers

14,000 GVWR trailers

Size Frame Empty Weight Payload Tire Brakes Price
83x16 2900 11100 16" radial tires Both axles Call For Price
83x18 8" C channel 3000 11000 16" On both axles Call For Price
83x20 8" C channel 3100 10900 16" On both axles Call For Price

10,400 GVWR trailers

Size Frame Empty Weight Payload Tire Brakes Price
83x16 2450 7950 16" Call For Price
83x18 2500 7900 15" Call For Price
83x20 2550 7850 16" Call For Price

7,000 GVWR trailers

Size Frame Empty Weight Payload Tire Brakes Price
83x16 5" C Channel 1700 5300 15" Call For Price
83x18 4" C channell 1800 5200 15" Call For Price
83x20 5" C Channel 1900 5100 15" Call For Price

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