Angle Utility Trailers LR For Sale in Alabama

High-quality angle utility trailers with single axles are a cheaper version of our tubing utility trailers. The price is usually lower by $120-$150 because steal companies charge for less for the angle. When you look closer to any angle utility trailer from Mike there is almost no difference between tubing and angle. Angle steel is thicker than tubing steel. 

We make only the best quality utility trailers.


Angle Trailers Specifications

  • Tripple angle A frame
  • 2"x 2" angle iron on the bottom
  • 2"x2" tubing top rail and side posts
  • Treated wood floor
  • Side height 1'
  • 4-way flat electrical plug
  • 2" coupler with safety chain
  • 4' gate, 1"x1" tubing
  • Tires 15"
  • Jack
Size Frame Empty Weight Payload Tire Brakes Price
5x10 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,554*
5x12 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,626*
5x14 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,740*
5x8 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,506*
77x10 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,740*
77x12 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,818*
77x14 3"x2" Angle 700 2800 15" Radial No $ 1,860*
5x10 Angle Mike
$ 1,554*

5x10 Angle Mike

5x12 Angle Mike
$ 1,626*

5x12 Angle Mike

5x14 Angle Mike
$ 1,740*

5x14 Angle Mike

5x8 Angle Mike
$ 1,506*

5x8 Angle Mike

77x10 Angle Mike
$ 1,740*

77x10 Angle Mike

77x12 Angle Mike
$ 1,818*

77x12 Angle Mike

77x14 Angle Mike
$ 1,860*

77x14 Angle Mike

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